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North London Model Railway

Welcome to the private model railway of Harvey Thomas: The Thomas Family Railroad: after all, it is a family affair.  With the years travelling the world over 30 trains have been collected, and the 'garage' has been transformed to the 'Station'.  There are 5 separate lines where you can visit a Dutch Windmill, a US Army Base, a German Christmas Market, a Brewery and Timber yard and more.

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The Thomas Family Railroad is a hobby, but we've put together a website because people keep asking about it as it grows!  It all started with a gift from daughter Lani of a Hornby Flying Scotsman - and has grown since then.  Personal highlights include Steam Favourites The Mallard, Flying Scotsman, The General and the Big Boy.  Electric favourites include a DB double decker and the ICE.

The Thomas Family Railroad is a work-in-progress so we're always updating and developing.  You can see a current list of trains here.

There are lots of photos and a video below.  If you'd like to visit, please fill in the contact box at the end of the page.


Harvey & Trains 081120.JPG


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We're based in Barnet, North London, UK, and welcome comments, questions and visitors. 


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